Denise is AWESOME! I started one-on-one training with her at the end of April this year and have already lost inches around my thighs, hips & buttocks! Denise is super personable, customizing my workout in order to meet my goals of finally achieving that bikini bod! I was so lucky to have met her at the shop I work at and we immediately hit it off, both being East Coast gals. She came to my home that very week and spent time getting to know me, my background and discussing what my goals are. We then hit my garage gym and have been going hard ever since. Every time I have hit a weigh-in milestone, I text her and she is genuinely happy for me. She also really cares about my progress, continually changing up the workouts in order to maximize results. For anyone looking to up their workouts or begin a new workout regime, this rad lady with tons of energy and a friendly personality to boot is your gal! She is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements and has recommended things that I have been using that have really helped. I highly recommend Denise!
I had been struggling with my weight for over 2 years. Everything I had done before no longer worked. What I discovered is that there were circumstances and factors beyond diet and exercise that were causing me to feel badly, gain wait in my midsection, have poor sleep and a consistent lack of energy. My age, my lifestyle and level of stress being the biggest culprits. I started the immersive health and wellness plan with Dee along with the Ketogenic diet in November 2017. The program included addressing nutrition, accurate supplements, lifestyle changes, and a different kind of exercise suited to where I was in my life. I am a busy person and I needed to have the full services to make real changes in my life. I could tell quickly that this was not just another diet or another health coach or trainer. I have certainly tried them all and always returned to where I was. Dee analyzed my whole life and took every factor in to consideration when creating a plan for me. The Ketogenic diet was an adjustment at first. But thanks to Dee's prepared meals, it was a relatively short adjustment. Her food is beyond words delicious and I've tried every meal program out there. The food was fresh, creative and full of flavor. I never felt deprived. I always felt satisfied and nourished. Sometimes I even felt like I had a cheat day. That's how good this food is. Dee's insight and knowledge of health and wellness are truly remarkable. As a woman approaching 50 there were things I had to do differently. Not only did she help me transition into Ketosis and being a fat burner, but she revamped my supplement program and changed the way that I exercise. The other health benefits I started to see were phenomenal. She addressed everything including hormones and aging and the related effects of those unavoidable things which had started to really affect my quality of life. With this program each week those issues were becoming less and less. I had more energy. I slept better. My skin looked better. And with all of that I started to lose weight and inches. Especially in my abdomen. I have lost a combination of 20 lbs and 8 inches - 3-1/2 from my waist alone!!! Unbelievable. I was beyond thrilled and I'm still going strong. One of the things that is most admirable about Dee, is that she is not looking to make people dependent on her. She sincerely wants to help people change their habits and their lives. To not only feel vibrant and healthy but to BE those things from the inside out. She gives you the tools and support that you need to be the healthiest most vibrant version of yourself. The weight loss and inches are honestly a bonus. But the effects on my overall health are priceless. Her energy and experiences are so motivating. I highly recommend this program and Dee as a health and wellness coach. She truly changed my life.
I have been a client of Dee for the last month. She has helped me to understand the ketogenic diet and how it could help me with get off medications and improve my overall health and energy. I was diagnosed with hypertension and hyperlipidemia. My doctor did not even explain these diagnoses to me but instead just put me on medications. I found out after conversations with Dee that some of the medications have side effects such as increased risk of diabetes and weight gain. Since I have stopped the medications, I have seen a decrease in my blood pressure and a good increase in energy. Although Dee does not claim to be a medical professional, she offered me advice on supplements specific to my most recent blood tests and I have lost 5.5 pounds and at least an inch on waist and hips. She also works with me on stretching and flexibility and has helped me increase my daily steps and activity levels. I highly recommend Dee to anyone who wants to take charge of their own health, use natural methods, and learn about the keto diet. I feel better than I have in years!
My grandson has recently started to learn about the keto diet from Dee. She is teaching him about insulin and the foods that trigger fat storage as well as fat burning. He has learned so much and is embracing the food, diet and exercises Dee has designed for him. He absolutely loves the keto foods she has made for him. When asked what his favorite was he said, “The whole thing!”. That is quite a compliment from a 16-year-old! Although Gregory’s goal is to get six pack abs, so he can get a girlfriend, he also has experienced an increase in his clarity and connecting with people during conversations.
Denise truly has her clients’ best interest at heart. As someone that struggles with emotional eating, I can honestly say I’ve never felt so supported. I’m new to dieting and exercise, and Dee understands that. She is willing to work with people like me and make sure everything is clearly explained, so I understand exactly what I need to do. I can still ask her anything if I’m ever unsure. I’ve been committed to the Keto diet for the past week and I’ve already lost 30 pounds, and reached Ketosis. This isn’t a punishing workout routine and a strict/unfair diet requiring you to give up all your favorite foods overnight. No matter what you love to eat, there’s a Keto version of it out there somewhere. Dee encourages you to find and adapt to the Keto meals. With how many people that are active in the Keto lifestyle, it isn’t hard. There are so many recipes on Pinterest and Instagram that are Keto inspired. If you want to commit to lasting change for your health and outlook — look no further.